Sep 27
What I Saw Today ~ 9/26/08 Posted by Laura Iriarte

I saw an amazing field of sunflowers in bloom!  Truly I don’t know when I’ve seen anything so spectacular.  The photos don’t even come close to doing it justice! You really should click on them to see them full size or go to my flickr photostream at:

I had been watching this field for awhile.  I kept wondering what was growing so tall – that wasn’t corn.  I really had no clue, until it started blooming.  The sunflower field is on Mankas Corner Road, about a block down from Vezer Family Winery, Suisun Valley, California.

Driving by it everyday fills me with wonder!

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Sep 25
What I Saw Today~ 9/24/08 Posted by Laura Iriarte

Yes, I saw the owl again, but only briefly, and he was asleep.  Someone was sitting in my favorite table already when I got to Vezer today, so I didn’t have the vantage point to study him.


Took a pretty picture of the vines in the morning light as I was driving to work this morning.

Also above is the front of the little country school I’ve been working at.  Suisun Valley School. 

Next to the school there is a home.  I took some pics of their geese, treehouse and old chicken coop.

The rest of my photos can be found on my flickr stream at:

Hope you enjoy the pics!  :)

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