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B*RP~Beer Redistribution Party! Posted by Laura Iriarte

March 6, 2009 – Burp! A BIG thank you to the dazzling Tara Hunt for putting on the Beer Redistribution Party (also known as #BRP or B*RP)! It was held to celebrate the grand re-opening of Citizen Space (@citizenspace) at it’s new location-downstairs from the old location and in a much larger space! It was a fun way to *celebrate* the crappy economy! Citizen Space is a coworking space in San Francisco located at 425 Second St on the first floor.

The Beer Redistribution Party mission:

We’ve heard the accusations of the new administration wanting to ‘spread the wealth’. We’ve been scared by the calls of socialism and communism on what we are about to receive. Let’s test this out on a micro-level and see what this wealth redistribution is all about through a re-enactment with our beer.

Here was the social contract:

1 – you MUST bring beer

2 – the type of beer you bring has to be in accordance with your financial standing:

a. $50,000 – $80,000/yr – you can bring whatever brand you would like. 6 – 12 pack.
b. $80,000 – $120,000 – you have the choice of bringing a discount brand (but bring 18-24) or a microbrew (bring a 12 pack).
c. > $120,000 – you have the choice of bringing a microbrew (24), a high end international beer (18+ or if it’s a big bottle like Chimay, 4 of those).
d. <$50,000/yr – you can come empty handed and just try the other beer.

I know people don’t like to talk about what they make as a living, so we can do this on the honor system. Bring your contributions in a re-usable bag* and one person at a time will be let into the beer area to deposit their beer tax.

3 – As for what you ‘take’. Everyone can help themselves to the pool afterwards, because, as with our public system, it’s freely available.

Beer was everywhere!  Lots of it!  I didn’t bring any as that’s where I fall in accordance to my *financial standing*, but I have a feeling that a few people brought beer regardless.  I was very tempted to, but I was trying to play along with the experiment! I think that seriously there is enough leftover for another party without anyone bringing anything!

I’m not really a beer drinker.  I did try some Red Nectar beer, was okay.  I drank half of it and called it a night with the beer drinking.

I had a great time and had fun catching up with Tara (aka @missrogue, author of the upcoming book The Whuffie Factor), Jen Myronuk (@jenmyronuk), Kristie Wells and Chris Heuer of Social Media Club, John Yamasaki (Yama!), Bessie, (@infodiva), Roderick Chow (@fogfish), Derek Overbey (@doverbey), Thomas Knoll (@thomasknoll), Cathy Brooks (@cathybrooks), Matt Klein (@matt_klein aka tim_stein (j/k)…lol to Cathy Brooks!), Ginger (@gingerw) and Ridley (@Ridley).

It was great to meet Stephanie Quilao (@skinnyjeans), Seg (John “Seg” Seggerson, @theseg) (I still like to think I’M responsible for getting Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) on Twitter! LOL!), Ruth Kalinka (, and KyNam Doan (, @kynamdoan), magician Safire ( and a few others-who didn’t give me their cards and whose names are escaping me!

I’m voting for a wine redistribution party next time!

If you’ve read this far…please comment and say “Hi!” so I know that you were here! Thanks! :)

For more pics from the partay see my flickr photostream here!

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