Oct 25
From The Land Beyond Posted by Laura Iriarte

September 25, 2009-I interviewed the crowd about their costumes for Podcast Meetup and Sac Geeks! :)

Oct 03
Grand Opening of EAT at 111 Minna! Posted by Laura Iriarte

August 31, 2009 – I attended the Grand Opening of EAT at 111 Minna where edgy gourmet food, art and music collide. I really happened upon it by chance as I was actually in the building to attend another event! I felt like I had fallen into some alternative foodie universe! And…I liked it!

Chef Tommy Halverson wowed the crowd – see the menu here: EAT menu for August 31, 2009

Their next event is on Monday, Oct. 26th and upcoming is Monday, Nov. 16th at 111 Minna Gallery. The plan is for monthly events to follow, to find out about the next one, check their blog for news at: http://eatat111minna.blogspot.com/

More pictures of the event HERE.

Know of any upcoming foodie events? Please list them in the comments below. Thanks! :)

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