Jan 17
Banning the Blemishes! Posted by Laura Iriarte

Photography and Makeup by Alexandra Iriarte (my daughter!)

Following is an excerpt from a post I did for St. Ives that you may have missed! :)

Banning the Blemishes!

Laura Iriarte/ Jul 01 10

We’ve all had them – blemishes, pimples, zits.

Let’s take a look at:

* what they are
* different types of blemishes
* what causes them
* how to get rid of them quickly
* and how to prevent them

What are they? Your skin is comprised of a dermis or outer layer of skin, and the dermis contains many pores. The pores provide oil or lubrication to the skin to protect it. Blemishes are caused when bacteria invade the pore and multiply causing the pore to swell, forming a bump, and often turning red from irritation and sometimes infection.

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Also, see link to previous St. Ives skincare article on Consistent Skicare


Jan 09
You Oughta Be In Pictures, Part 1 Posted by Laura Iriarte

Gorgeous Pete Cashmore and Shiny Me

I go to a lot of events – tech, social media, just plain social sometimes – and I generally am taking pics or pictures at those events. It’s what I do. I enjoy capturing a slice of the night. Sometimes I’m working at the request of the event, sometimes it’s just for myself. People are always asking me if I’m the official photographer, I usually answer, “I’m the UNofficial photographer!”

When the event is over, at some point I sit down to edit the pics and I often end up deleting half of them. I’ve gotten better at this as time goes on, I used to just post everything! I look back at some of my early work and cringe! I have learned not to post any bad photos, although what I like and what you like may differ. I’m always happy to edit or delete upon request! A lot of times I can edit a pic by adjusting the color and cropping to make it the best it can be. If there is a group of people, and the one on the end has their eyes closed – they’re cropped out! If someone is too shiny, in most cases they are cropped out or deleted.

Today I’m going to start a series of few simple tips I’ve learned to help those in front of the camera – men and women. Just a couple of pointers to make you look your best, and not end up in my recycle bin! ;)

The first tip is powder. I learned this after attending Mashable’s first Summer Mash event in 2008. I had a wonderful time, took a lot of pictures, and had a lot of pictures taken of me. It was the first time I met photographer William Marc Salsbury and he took a couple of photos of me and told me I was a little shiny, which I appreciated. As it turned out, that was an understatement, I was a LOT shiny! I normally don’t have oily skin, but it was hot and crowded there and on camera, when the flash or lights hit me, shine city!

In the picture above I’m photographed with the founder of Mashable.com, Pete Cashmore, and it may not look too bad in the small size above, but click on it, and you will definitely see what I mean!

I’m not a fan of the matte look, but if you’re going anywhere, where there is any chance someone will take your photo, powder up before you leave! I do now! My favorite is a light dusting of loose powder, using a big fluffy brush! If you’re someone who does have oily skin, bring some pressed powder or blotting papers in your purse and touch up through the night. In a pinch, a trick that I learned from CBS 5′s newscaster,Sue Kwon at BizTechDay 2009, was to use toilet seat covers as blotting papers! You’ll thank me when you see the pictures after!

If you have any tips to share, I would love to hear them in the comments section below!


Photography and Makeup by Alexandra Iriarte (my daughter!)

Most of you know that I’ve been writing on skincare and beauty for St. Ives for the last year. I’m going to start linking to my articles here for those of you that have missed them! :) Find my author bio here.

I’ve been consistent, I’ve been inconsistent, I know what I’m talking about here, and there is a *lot* to be said for consistency!

What are the benefits of consistent skincare? Let’s dissect this…

* What is skincare?
* Problems caused by inconsistent skincare
* What is consistent skincare?
* Benefits
* Wrapping it up

What is skincare? Skincare is the process of taking care of your skin, and generally refers to your facial skin, although body care has become almost as important in recent years.

The basic skincare process usually consists of cleansing, exfoliating, sometimes toning, and finally moisturizing the skin. Another important step …

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