About Laura

Hi! I’m Laura Iriarte! :) Let me tell you a little about myself…

Family comes first – always.

I’m a Social Media Consultant, writer, blogger, photographer and entrepreneur.

Networking is a large part of my life, and my involvement in Social Media has brought me in contact with a large group of people, and I’ve made some amazing friends.  I love meeting new people.

A few of the companies I’ve worked with recently or currently include St. Ives, Alberto-Culver and Steve Madden Inc.

As a Social Media consultant I will connect you to the world, and the world to you.

The Napa Valley is close to my heart and I had the pleasure of working with Gabriel Carrejo and organizing one of the very first Tweetups there! I will continue to promote the Napa Valley and plan to work closely with the wineries.

My photography is centered around Social Media events, nature, and family and you can see examples of it at: http://flickr.com/lauralovesart

As an entrepreneur I founded RW Investments, a woman’s investment group, in 2007.  We have approximately 25 members and meet monthly to learn about personal finance. We research, vote on, and buy stocks.  Members invest only $25 a month.  It is my goal to empower women to take charge of their financial futures.  Additionally I have a mom’s website and an iPhone app in the early stages of development.

But, here you are on my blog and possibly wondering what I blog about?  Well the blog has morphed over time.  Currently I focus on my life as a Social Media Socialite or Butterfly and report on, and am an advocate for Social Media.  You will see a lot of my blogs detailing events I have attended and the people I met there. I also attend art openings and museums whenever possible. I might even throw in a Renaissance Faire or a Shakespeare in the Park play!

I’m extremely random.

I love meeting new people and learning new things.

I’m always going places and doing stuff…follow along and try to keep up!

To contact me please go to the *Contact Laura* page on this blog.

Laura Iriarte