August 15, 2013 – Nick Cannon is the host of America’s Got Talent, Mariah Carrey’s husband, and he’s also the star of an inspiring Honda Civic Commercial. In the commercial Nick talks about being yourself, not following the crowd. The commercial breaks some stereotypes as a child paints over graffiti and a girl plays basketball. I had a moment listening to it where I thought, “This is great, but what’s it got to do with the car”? But then I got it, just like we should strive to better ourselves, Honda is doing the same.

To quote:

Honda invites you to #BestYourself.
We start each day with a new opportunity.
A chance to be better than the day before.

My first new car was a Honda Civic. The car I drive now is a Honda Accord. I like it that they strive to better themselves. That’s why they hold their value – they’re well made, they last. They’re striving to best their self, just like I am, and putting out positive messages to our youth. Go Honda!

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