Feb 21
Marilyn Koch Interview Posted by Laura Iriarte

I interview Marilyn Koch, vice-president of Guerrilla Artfare Collective about their current project. Guerrilla Artfare is folding 1000 origami paper cranes, making them into a mobile and presenting them to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Sacramento.

Please also see my previous post on Guerrilla Artfare.

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5 Responses

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  2. Lisa M Says:

    What an awesome awesome group of people for such a GREAT cause! WTG Laura on the interview and founding this org. I didn’t know that you had started this up. You rock!!

  3. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Oops…no Lisa, I didn’t found it, my son Nick and Marilyn (the one I interviewed, along with a few others are founding it! :)

  4. Daniel Day Says:

    Laura – Please email me at dan@corporateartworks.com. The cranes project is awesome!

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