Jan 17
Banning the Blemishes! Posted by Laura Iriarte

Photography and Makeup by Alexandra Iriarte (my daughter!)

Following is an excerpt from a post I did for St. Ives that you may have missed! :)

Banning the Blemishes!

Laura Iriarte/ Jul 01 10

We’ve all had them – blemishes, pimples, zits.

Let’s take a look at:

* what they are
* different types of blemishes
* what causes them
* how to get rid of them quickly
* and how to prevent them

What are they? Your skin is comprised of a dermis or outer layer of skin, and the dermis contains many pores. The pores provide oil or lubrication to the skin to protect it. Blemishes are caused when bacteria invade the pore and multiply causing the pore to swell, forming a bump, and often turning red from irritation and sometimes infection.

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