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Podio Website Launches! Posted by Laura Iriarte

March 24, 2011 – Last Thursday Podio launched their site for all the world – and threw a little party!

The Podio Team

Podio went LIVE at about 8:00 P.M. while Danish entrepreneur Tommy Ahlers shared his dream with us and presented his team. Podio is based out of Copenhagen and has opened a satellite office in San Francisco during their launch.

Podio is a website that lets you create your own business work tools and shape the way you work. It doesn’t require complicated technical skills to customize the site to your needs by using their free apps or building your own. Also, a calendar, contacts list, workspace, activity stream, and task list help keep your business flowing and organized.

Podio is free for companies or groups of 10 users or less. $99.00 per month allows businesses up to 25 users, with $4 per additional user, and includes premium features and high priority support.

Stowe Boyd

Right at the front door I ran into Stowe Boyd and Liza Sperling. Stowe(Social Philosopher and Connectivist) was in town from his home in New York and had been part of panel discussing ‘Tools for Work’ at an event held the night before for Podio. Liza has a brand new job as Director of Corporate Relationships at Seesmic with friends: founder Loic Le Meur, John Yamasaki, and Christine Wong.

Ran into a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, since I’ve been a bit of a hermit this year! Tom Foremski(Silicon Valley Watcher) fired up the new photo app Color, that I had been meaning to download, so I did! By the time he got back with champagne I had it all installed! It was so fun! Tom, Ken Yeung(TheLetterTwo), Stowe Boyd and I were all taking pics and posting them on Color. It’s so fun to use at a party, event, or conference! With Color you can see all the pics posted at the event that everyone is taking – whether you know them or not! Just heard that Color has been banned at the Royal Wedding coming up for Prince William and Kate! Didn’t realize Color was that big!

Jolie O'Dell and Cathy Brooks

Later in the evening Cathy Brooks, Jolie O’Dell(Tech journalist for Mashable) and Chris Heuer(co-founder of Social Media Club) arrived! Jolie has a brand new look! She always looks gorgeous – but the colorful hair is gone and replaced with a sleek platinum blond bob – very chic! Missed Kristie Wells, who Chris said was home ill. Hope you are better soon Kristie! Also, great as always to see Chistopher Peri(Perivision.com), Chia Hwu(The Subtle Influence), Larry Chiang(What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School), Adrian Chan(Gravity7), Eliane Fiolet (co-founder of Ubergizmo.com), Michael O’Donnell(Zat Photo), and newlywed Maria Ogneva(Head of Community at Yammer).

Liza Sperling and Maria Ogvena

Podio treated us right! They had a nice array of snacks, several Podio people giving live demos (thank you Helena!), an open bar, and a good DJ (though not many were dancing while I was there – and by then my feet were hurting in the too high heels I wore-darn it).

Blue Ukeleles

There was a wall full of blue ukelele’s with Podio cards with a picture of people and a name. Wish I knew what that was about?

I had a great time, but was a little frustrated that I brought my Canon Camera in, but left the battery in the car. #fail. It was raining, so instead of going back I pulled out my handy little Sony Bloggie! Wish I had gotten some better pics, but I’m thankful I had the Bloggie(which I need more practice with, apparently…).

Some more pics from the Podio Launch in a Color album here!

If you were there with me, did you have fun? Highlights for you? Also, what do you think of Podio? Will businesses find it useful?

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