Jun 27
Win a Sony Cyber-Shot! Posted by Laura Iriarte

Who wants to win it? :)

What takes iSweep Panoramic photos? What has 10.2 Mega pixels, a 25 mm wide-angle lens, 3.5″ Xtra Fine LCD and Full HD movie capabilities? The Sony Cyber-Shot – that’s what!

Where can you get it you ask? Well, you could get it here.

Orrr…you could win one from ME! :) I am lucky enough to have a friend, Sukhjit, who works for Sony and was instrumental in letting me provide this give-a-way for you. :)

Those of you who know me, know I love to take pictures and love cameras, and this is hard for me to part with to be honest. I *so* want to open the box…but I won’t. Because, this camera is going to a very special person. Someone who will love it and cherish it and use it! Is it going to be you? :)

Taylor Swift herself appears in the new Sony commercials promoting the Sony Cyber-Shot! Here it is below if you haven’t seen them yet!

First a little behind the scenes!

Now for the commercial!

I just love Taylor Swift, and so does my daughter, Alexandra. Neither of us are traditional fans of country music, but her songs and sincerity really speaks to our hearts.

I’ve thought long and hard and well, you’re going to have to impress me with your comments…this baby retails at $399.00! So, what I would love to hear is:

1. What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?
2. Why do you like it?

Optionally you may karaoke the song! I may give extra points! (Doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad, as long as you’re sincere!) To post a karaoke song you will need to post the video on another site (youtube, vimeo, viddler, stickcam, etc) and then post the link to the video in the comment section.

The contest will run for one week, from Monday, July 5, 2010 through Sunday, July 11, 2010. It will end at midnight, Pacific standard time on Sunday, July 11, 2010. Winner will be chosen at my discretion based on their comment. The prize will be mailed or delivered to the winner within two weeks.

This should be fun! :)

UPDATE: A winner has been chosen! It was truly a hard choice for me as some of the comments were quite heartfelt, but…drumroll please! Congratulations to Brianna Layfield! I felt Brianna went above and beyond, being the only person to actually step up to the karaoke challenge! Also, Brianna not only sang, she also played the song acoustically! Congratulations again Brianna! Love your pink guitar!

54 Responses

  1. Keane Says:

    I feel like I wouldn’t deserve to win this since the only Taylor Swift song I know is “You Belong With Me,” which makes me wish a girl would write a song about ME for a change. Haha.

  2. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Now see, I would loveee to hear your twist on Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”!!! :) And hey, since you’re the first and only comment at the moment, if no one else comment’s…it’s already yours! :)

  3. suki Says:

    The first song I heard was “Love Story.” This was before I’d heard of Taylor Swift, and I think I like it most because you always have that first impression of an artist from the very first song you’d ever heard from them.

    Plus, I love the video. :)

  4. suki Says:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be submitting a karaoke video for the song, but I will admit to singing this at the top of my lungs in the car. ;)

  5. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Yes, I love “Love Story”! and *guilty* to singing in the car too! :) Thanks for the comment Suki! :)

  6. Kanoelani Villanueva Says:

    My favorite song is “you belong with me” because i feel like many people can relate to it, for me its being a band geek. It’s kind of cliche but i never get tired of listening and singing it.=]

  7. Paul Agronin Says:

    You belong to me – reminds me of high school!

  8. Sarah J. Says:

    I personally like “Invincible”. It really reflects the girl’s feelings towards the guy she likes. My sister introduced that song to me.

    Months ago, a friend told me that every time she hears Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” she remembers me. I then listened to the song and made me realize that the song’s all about me.

    It instantly became my favorite! LOL.

  9. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Yes, i have to agree with you Paul, all that angst…

  10. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Okay well you sound like a good candidate for a karaoke comment Kanoelani! Are you Shirley’s daughter? :)

  11. Sue Says:

    I like White Horse cause it is so correct when your young. Many women learn the hard way that there really isn’t a Prince on a white horse coming to take you away to live happily ever after….it’s just a small town and not the fairy tale we all wanted.

  12. Yunet Says:

    I love the song Love Story because it’s a beautiful, catchy, original song. Plus it also reminds you of that first crush or love you had.

  13. Kenia Says:

    My favorite song is You Belong With Me because it’s a great song and I love the lyrics too.

  14. Summer Says:

    My favorite song is Teardrops on My Guitar because it describes a situation that most girls have probably gone through with a boy in their lives. I love how her songs really connect to her audience.

  15. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Sarah, Love Story is my favorite song, but You Belong to Me is a close second! I think Taylor’s songs remind us all of times in our lives when we’ve felt exactly the same way. Invisible hits the same notes with me, too. :)

  16. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Too true Sue…Thanks so much for your comment! :)

  17. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Definitely reminds me of my high school crushes too Yunet! :)

  18. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Agreed Kenia, thanks so much for your comment! :)

  19. Laura Iriarte Says:

    I remember spending many high school nights crying over boys myself Summer! :) Thanks for your comment!

  20. Sarah J. Says:

    I totally agree. It’s like I’m a character from her songs. Everyone of us who experienced love will definitely like her songs.

  21. Rajee Says:

    I heard was “Love Story.” This was before I’d heard of Taylor Swift, and I think I like it most because you always have good impression of an artist from the very first song Plus I love your video Your songs gives beautiful memories of romance

  22. Becky Says:

    It is a tie between Breathe and Tell Me Why. I just ended a 6 year abusive relationship and both of the songs helped me through it. Tell Me Why helped me through the leaving and Breathe helped me through the divorce.

  23. Narada Thomas Says:

    I like her “You belong with me” song. specially I like the way she sings it! :-) it’s really touching for true lover. I wish good luck to Taylor Swift and Sony. Glad that I really love them and a part of my daily life.

    Viva la Sony!

  24. Jon Says:

    Being a guy, I get a lot of flack for loving Taylor Swift’s music. What I enjoy about her music is that she actually writes most of her lyrics, and she has been doing it since she doing since she was 12! She’s a musical genius! I usually don’t enjoy country, but “Forever and Always” has to be one of my favorite songs ever! Truly amazing. I will always love her music no matter how much I get made fun of for it. I will love it Forever and Always.

  25. Jennifer B. Says:

    My 8 y/o daughter likes the Taylor Swift song that goes like this “She wears high heels, I wear sneakers. She’s cheerleading captain and I’m on the bleachers.”

    I believe that song is “You belong with me.” Cheers!

  26. Joy Engel Says:

    I love the song and the video for “The Best Day.” It’s so wonderful that she has a great relationship with her mom, and that song AND the video make me cry every time!

  27. Briana Layfield Says:

    I love all of Taylor’s songs, and it’s really hard to choose just one, but my favorite has to be ‘Our Song’. I love that song because of its upbeat nature, the lyrics describe exactly what an amazing relationship is to me, and Taylor’s vocals are amazing in it. I did an acoustic cover of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QozozKnGBvM

    Thanks for this opportunity! I LOVE this camera!! [and Taylor] :)

  28. eli Says:

    my favorite song is you belong with me and i have her posters all around my room i watch her music videos day and night i even have a piece of her hair i got it at one of her concerts.and the reason why i like it it is because it shows her individuality and that she is special she is the whole package.

  29. Trish R Says:

    I really Love the Taylor Swift song “Love Story”. I suppose I like it because I an a hopeless romantic…
    Then again I should now change that to “hopeful” romantic.

  30. Emily Says:

    My favorite song is “Breathe” it shows that no matter how badly you want something to work or how much you care about someone, it may not always work. I think it is amazing that she can capture all those feelings and emotions in a 4 mintute song and have everyone relate to it on some level.

  31. Abhinav Says:

    LOVE STORY Because I Rediscovered The Love That I Lost And I Am A very Happy person Now.


    as much as I love country music, I haven’t a clue about Taylors’ music. The commercial was cute, though.

  33. Dylan W. Says:

    Wow, I’m a total dork! I’ve been trying to get a hold of this camera for so long now. Cops just don’t make much money when you’re supporting a family I guess. I am still using my old old old CyberShot camera. I think being able to enjoy life by photographing the good and funny parts of it is what makes my life so wonderful, though I am far from rich and able to enjoy what I do have… my slice of the pie! With that said, I remember this, not a song, but behind-the-scenes act that I relocated on YouTube, courtesy of the Ellen show… enjoy! Laugh! and Live!


    I’m like one of the only guys commenting on here… go me! =)

    Imagine what I could do with a new camera… you should see my old camera… it goes with me everywhere at work… E-mail me and I’ll send some pictures that aren’t on my Flickr page. Thanks for reading my comment!

  34. matthew riches Says:

    Beautiful Eyes as it makes me think of my wonderful wife everytime I hear it. I promise to take a picture of her eyes if I win!

  35. Bri Says:

    Song: Stay Beautiful

    Why: I love this song because it sounds just like something that happened to me. The lyrics of the song speak to me on very deep level. I love music especially when the song speaks to me on a deeper level.

  36. Darani Poonpoolpoke Says:

    I love, love, LOVE “You Belong With Me”. My fiancee is the first person to have heard it while taking a cab back home. He said that it would’ve probably been my message to him. We were co-workers and we each were in a relationship that was failing. Our significant others was treating us really badly and we grew closer to eachother. We both feel bad when our significant other embaressed us in front of people by mistreating us. Whenever there was a fight within the relationship, we would talk to eachother – late at night. This song always make me want to cry, because I wish it was out at that time — it described how I felt perfectly! I swore to him that I would’ve sent him the song + lyrics those years back, and we would’ve been happier sooner! I’ve always sing-along to this song and I always felt a lump in my throat, there’s so much emotion. I’ve never own a camera before, and winning this one would be my first win of anything ever and having my very first camera! I have a two-year-old who I would love to capture every moment with.

  37. Jenni Walters Says:

    My favorite Taylor song is “Our Song”. It was the first song I ever heard from her, which started my huge obsession from there on out. It’s just a really good upbeat song that can put me in any good mood. I never get tired of hearing it, or any of her songs for that matter.

  38. Pham Says:

    My favorite Taylor Swift song would have to be “Two is Better Then One”. It just makes me wish to find that special someone and cherish them forever.

  39. Tri Says:

    I love Picture to burn because this is the first Taylor’s song I listen to.
    That also makes me become one of her fans. :d

  40. Sarah J. Says:

    I know you love “Love Story” and I think you would definitely love this one.


    It’s just so amazing. I fell in love with Viva La Vida because of this.


  41. Sam Says:

    Okay first off I’m a guy not a girl… My favorite song is “Invisible” It’s my favorite song because I feel like i’m living it right now… Of course i’m talking about a girl… I don’t know i talk to her every now and then but it’s still hard to really connect with her… But she told me about this guy she’s interested in and i know how he’s just to busy trying to be a player to take her serious… So right now i’m feeling invisible

  42. ming Says:

    I like You Belong With Me because it’s her most popular song

  43. Yama Says:

    That’s easy – Thug Story featuring T-Pain. Gosh, even her mother is in the video. How can you NOT go wrong with this song! It shows you can be an innocent hometown girl and still be a thug. I’d karaoke it but it’s not part of Roger Niner’s song list.


    I’m going to go and bake some Caramel deLites now. Rap, Girl Scout cookies and Karaoke brings the world together. Go T-Swizzle!


    Peace out!

  44. Laura Iriarte Says:

    So sorry for what you are going through Sam, I think we have all felt like that sometime in our lives unfortunately. Yes, Taylor’s song “Invisible” hits the mark!

  45. Laura Iriarte Says:

    I did love that Sarah…it was gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that with me!

  46. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Really sweet story Darani, thank you for sharing it with me! So glad you found happiness! :)

  47. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Thanks for commenting Dylan :) Loved your flickr pics!

  48. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Thanks for the comment Dale, you should give Taylor’s music a listen! http://taylorswift.com check out some of the videos…she’s gorgeous as well! :)

  49. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Abhinav, It’s always wonderful to hear about happy endings…thanks for your comment!

  50. Laura Iriarte Says:

    Emily, I totally agree, thanks so much for your comment! :)

  51. Yama Says:

    Favorite Taylor Swift song is easily Thug Story

    Clearly it’s T-Swizzle at her very best! How often you can get your mother together with T-Pain… T-Swizzle FTW!

    I’d karaoke the song, but it’s not in Roger Niner’s Song List yet.

    Excuse me while I bake some Caramel DeLites…


  52. Briana Layfield Says:

    Who won this gorgeous thing??

  53. Laura Iriarte Says:

    The winner will be announced sometime tomorrow Bri! :)

  54. Briana Layfield Says:

    eeeeek i’m so excited!!! can’t wait to hear :)