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Interview of Me Posted by Laura Iriarte

Posted September 3, 2008. Laura Iriarte discusses her perspective on social media.

I found this on YouTube.com when I was googling myself one day! I barelyyy remember doing this. I think it may have been at a Mashable.com event. If anyone knows, tell me!

3 Responses

  1. Todd Smith Says:

    How funny! Imagine finding yourself after who knows how long. I think I better not google myself! :)

    Todd Smiths last blog post..May your year be musical!

  2. Jill Browne Says:

    I wonder if you’ll think differently about social media in 5 years. Maybe you should do a video of the same questions and your new answers every year – it would be a good personal social history project! Cheers, jill

  3. bravegirl Says:

    Great interview! Where do you see social media in the next 5 years??? That’s quite a question. Look forward to discussing that one at Twestival SF with you!

    bravegirls last blog post..bravegirl: @robwatts glad to hear it! what team do you follow?