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The Laughing Squid Unholiday Party Posted by Laura Iriarte

December 27, 2008 – Last night I swam in a sea of squids and neon jellyfish. I went to the Laughing Squid Unholiday Party. It was great! It was MY kind of party – art and social media! Woo! I was in heaven!

Sometimes I go to these events not sure of who I’ll know there or who I’ll meet. It’s always been a pleasant surprise. I did see some friends as well as met some wonderful new people! I just love being a Social Media Butterfly!

The party was held at an as-yet-unnamed art gallery in San Francisco. It is a live/work space run by housemates Jeff Herzbach, Jessica Hughes, and Andy Fusso who lives part time near Mt. Shasta. Andy had on the most amazing knitted vest! It houses Venusian Gardens West, a showcase of wonderfully glorious Neon Sculptures by artist Eric Ehlenberger. The neon jellyfish were so beautiful and befitting of the Squid Party!

Our host and hostess for the night were Scott Squid Beale and Lori Dorn. Scott is known as the primary tentacle of Laughing Squid, a site and newsletter which promotes art, culture and technology from San Francisco and beyond. (If you live anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, you need to sign up for this newsletter!) Even though it was held in an art gallery, the party was unpretentious. People were encouraged to bring leftovers and a bottle of wine to share. The vibe was friendly and even cozy. I met Lori Dorn for the first time last night – she was so nice and gracious, great people the Dorn/Beale’s.

It was nice to see Doctor Popular(artist and yo-yo champ), Irina Slutsky (reporter for Geek Entertainment TV), Tantek Celik(, and Kevin Rose(co-founder of, again.

In addition I met a lot of new people! I met Shelley Rae O’Conner(Shelley’s Place – A Place for Entrepreneurs, Creative Geniuses and others of Brilliant Mind!) and Info Diva(Independent Solo Renegade Information Pro)! Both were fun amazing women! They introduced me to Anna Billstrom(blog – Adventures in Email Marketing). I also met Lenore Edman(Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories). Lenore and I were dressed very similarly! Both of us were wearing dresses, mary jane heels and pearls! I also met Geri and Carl. She works for Adobe I believe. She had the most amazing necklace! Most importantly I met a kindred spirit – Trixie! We both love libraries and vintage! (Actually libraries were a repeating theme in my night) Loved her and her husband John’s style! (I know why now after I looked at their!)

Lastly, I met Violet Blue! I’ve seen Violet’s name and face quite a few times over the internet this last year, so it was really fun to meet her in real life. She’s San Francisco’s real life Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw,an author, blogger (, and she was as sweet as can be.

We had a musical surprise mid-party! Two DJ’s had spun the night away, but then The Mark Growden Trio walked through the crowd with their instruments, set up, the crowd circled around and were swept up in their bluesy folky sultry sounds. Mark himself played several instruments as well as sings.

Quite a magical night overall!

For more magical pics of the night please see my flickr photostream here.

Did you read this far? Then please comment! :)

Another nice blog on the event -with a video of The Mark Growden Trio here!

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5 Responses

  1. Lisa M Says:

    I just envy you Laura for being to attend all these galas. Looks like fun, as always!

    (just love the name “Violet Blue”–how cool is that!)

  2. ShelleRae Says:

    Beautifully said Laura!

    It was an stunning space filled with remarkable people.

    I too really enjoyed Mark Growden and his group. I really think we should get a group and go enjoy the full length version of his performance.

    I am so glad you brought your camera and captured it!

    Thanks for including me in your evening!

    PS. I loved connecting with the hacker side of the crowd. So much talent in one place!

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  4. Todd Smith Says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I felt like I was there myself. Thanks for all the links to the people you met. :)

    Todd Smiths last blog post..Let’s See Everyone’s Snow Photos!

  5. kevin mathieu Says:

    Carl H ( pictured above with Geri ) now claims he is not married to her. Sorry Geri!